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White Fillings

There have been many advancements in dentistry over the years, particularly in the field of restorative material science. Tooth coloured restorations are now stronger, more lifelike and blend in better with your own teeth. There are a vast array of options to choose from. 

Tooth coloured resin materials can improve the colour, shape and size of teeth. These fillings can be placed painlessly and in one appointment. Your friendly Banyo dentist at North Brisbane Family Dental will assess your requirements and suitability for any restoration. If your tooth is badly broken down, or needs more protection, we may suggest using a porcelain material.

At North Brisbane Family Dental, we stay up to date with advances in dental materials and attend continuing education to provide the best possible care to our valued patients. Whether you need a small filling, veneer or a porcelain overlay or cap, we can point you in the right direction.